Circle In The Rock (2015)  

Directed by Ellis Bahl

Written by Chris Neilan

Starring Brendan Sexton III (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Black Hawk Down, Boys Don't Cry)

Funded by the O'Neill Unreasonable online film festival.


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Love & Border (2020)

Five women, all Burmese migrants living and working in the western Thai border town of Mae Sot, discuss love, compassion and migration.

Mother & Daughters (2020)

Like many girls from Thailand's rural North, Nara has been provided the security and safety necessary for her to progress through school by a non-governmental aid organisation. In this short documentary she returns to her Lahu village to visit her mother and younger sister.

Meet Big Bird (2019)

Whilst the Burmese military continues to persecute and deny autonomy to the Karen, Toh Pah Doh a.k.a. Big Bird and his crew pursue self-expression. Their outlet?  Hip-hop.

In this short documentary we go behind-the-scenes of the shoot for the Naked Night video, and Toh Pah Doh explains why hip-hop has become important to young Karens.

YoungSinners - Naked Night (2018)

In Burma, ethnic minorities have been ruthlessly oppressed by the military-led government for more than 70 years. YoungSinners, a group of ethnic Karen resettled in western Thailand, are fighting back through self-expression.  This song, as with much of their work, was recorded in a local refugee camp.  The video was shot on location in Tak province with a crew of one, for a zero budget.

Demons (2016)

Written & Directed by Chris Neilan

Starring Natallia Bulynia & Andre Lopes

Shot on location in Seoul, South Korea, for budget of £400, with a crew of three.

Debuted in-competition at the 2016 Derby Film Festival.

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